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          Whether you are the original owner of a vintage Oracle turntable or you are planning to acquire one on the second hand market, properly identifying your Oracle turntable is quite important. This legacy products page presents the full history of our analog products with images to help identify your turntable. You will also find  articles, reviews, technical schematics and owner’s manuals when available. Keep in mind that as some of these turntables are over 30 years old they may have received upgrades or customizations. If you find that your turntable is equipped with parts that seem to come from two different versions please send us photos so we can help you identify what was the original model and what upgrade(s) or change(s) it received.        

        In the background image we can see the Riendeau brothers. Jacques Riendeau, co-owner of Oracle Audio, to the left and his brother Marcel Riendeau, founder of the company, to the right. They are both standing in front of a wall of ready-to-ship Delphi MkI and next to a stack of ready-to-be-tested decks. This image was taken in 1981! Jacques is still with Oracle to this day, responsible of product development & design.

Oracle AC

1979 - 1980

Delphi MkII


Delphi MkIII


Delphi MkIV


Delphi MkV


Delphi MkVI

2009 - 2015

Background photo credit: Michel Forbes

Background photo credit: Michel Forbes

Alexandria MkIII

1988 - 1989

Background photo credit: Michel Forbes

Alexandria MkIV

1989 - 1995

Premier MkII

1982 - 1987

Premier MkIII

1987 - 1988

Premier MkIV

1989 - 1995

Paris MkIV


Oracle SME 345

1990 - 2019

Oracle SME V

1990 - 2019

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