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About Oracle Audio

             We understand that there are many avenues that can be taken in designing our products but we are also very aware that not all those options can lead to the development of a highly performing audio device. This makes the creation process quite long and complex especially when seeking a stunning, unique and innovative design. We define ourselves as passionate artists designing unique sculptures that reproduce music. We are striving to have our products play simply all the music, the real and true music, the one that makes you vibrate and shiver! It is with this highly inspiring and motivating force in mind that we design our products. The common signature underlying all of our work is a passion and dedication towards all the artists who encapsulate their art in the recorded music they so brilliantly create!

We invite you to discover them, the artists, in the intimacy of your home, listening with Oracle Audio products.

Oracle Audio Technologies

Established since 1979
Proudly manufactured in Canada.

About Oracle Audio

Oracle History

            In 1942, Igor Fedorovich Stravinsky wrote in his masterly work entitled Poétique Musicale that "it is not sufficient to hear music but one should also see it". These words so full of truthfulness are the very soul of our philosophy: to reproduce the recorded music with a sound quality that transmits as authentically as possible the emotions and the vitality which music inspires within us. Our wish is to eulogize the entire musical power of a Frederic Chopin or Elgar Holst and to allow oneself to be exulted by an art so essential to the human experience. Etymologicaly, in the word "Oracle", we find the Greek particle "oraw" which means "see". Our wish is to extol the entire musical power of a Frederic Chopin or of an Elgar Holst and to allow oneself to be exulted by an art so essential to human existence. Oracle Audio technologies work to that effect: to give the hearth and the mind a palpable and incomparable sound quality.

       Since 1979, Oracle Audio products have been satisfying a passionate desire of thousands of audiophiles throughout the world. Our will to keep satisfying those desires motivates us to develop avant-gardist products which constantly redefine our technological limits, all the while maintaining an aestheticism worthy of the most famous melodies. World-wide success is attributable to team dedication and to the trust audiophiles have towards Oracle Audio products.

Oracle Audio Technologies

" The Fine Art Of Playing Music "

Oracle History
Silver History Book

International Audio Review - 1979 - "The Oracle Speaks"

                  The following article is one that we consider to be very important in the history of Oracle Audio. The review of the Oracle AC by J. Peter Montcrieff from International Audio Review back in 1979 was the very first article ever written about the Oracle turntable, and it is this article that launched Oracle on the journey that we’re still on to this day!

Founder of Oracle Audio Marcel Riendeau showing the Delphi AC in 1980

I.A.R. Article 1979
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