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"Now I was on a roll, and it occurred to me, without my having to think too hard: This player rocks! Indeed, the Oracle Paris played up-tempo music with apparent freedom from the timing distortions that make other players sound slow, or temporally muddled and indistinct."


Art Dudley, Stereophile, Oct 2011

Paris MkV turntable - analog component - vynil record playback - Oracle Audio

About the Paris Mk V

         While re-thinking the new Mk V we felt it was very important to maintain the design signature of the original Paris turntable. Everything else is a total redesign! The Oracle mechanical design concepts are always intimately linked to the overlapping of different materials interacting within a same assembly for an optimal control of vibrations and resonances. The Paris Mk V follows that same construction philosophy. Compared with the Delphi Mk VI which has a very sophisticated full floating spring suspension and micro vibration stabiliser system, the Paris suspension is very efficient while being much simpler. It has been completely redesigned taking into account the findings that led to the development of the Delphi Mk VI. The platter and tonearm are mounted on a semi floating chassis using a suspension made of fibreglass rods and sorbothane rings. The combination of these materials contributes to virtually eliminate the access of unwanted vibrations to the semi floating chassis where the platter, the tone arm and the phono cartridge are interacting.


          The Paris tonearm, available as an option, features a micro vibration damping system specially developed by Oracle to eliminate undesirable resonances and vibrations generated within the tonearm itself due to the interaction of the needle with the disc. The combination of the suspension efficiency coupled with the micro vibration control system provides true isolation from the external environment allowing the stylus to retrieve the most accurate information from the record groove. The Paris is a belt driven turntable and has a low voltage synchronous AC motor. The drive electronics of the Paris has a very high precision oscillator circuit which creates a perfect sine wave signal to feed the motor ensuring high rotational accuracy for optimal speed stability. This system also isolates the drive electronics from line voltage impurities and fluctuations. The above features combined to the choice of materials are the essence of a high performance turntable and together explain the Paris outstanding music reproduction!

Paris MkV  with the blues.jpg



Drive:                           AC synchronous motor, belt driven, external power adapter


Platter:                         Two piece platter consisting of an aluminum hub supporting the main acrylic platter.


Plinth dimension:      (WxDxH) 19,5 x 15 x 5  inches.

                                       The height measured at the top of tonearm is 5"; the height becomes 6" with the dustcover installed.


Speed selection:          Two buttons for 33 and 45 rpm, adjustable with potentiometer.


Suspension system:   Adjustable, semi-floating sub-chassis on dual rod suspension system made of fibreglass and sorbothane decoupling.


Tonearm mounting specs:


Maximum center to center tonearm length accepted: 228 mm.


* The Paris tonearm has for basic structure the Project 9CC carbon tonearm. Oracle Audio developed the micro vibration silicone damping device for this tonearm which greatly enhances its performance. The Project 9cc damping kit is offered as an upgrade for anyone who owns a Project 9cc tonearm!


Power requirements:   100 / 120 / 230 volts @ 50 / 60 Hz


Turntable weight:          7 Kg ( 15 pounds )


Regular power supply:  24 to 28 VDC / 500ma ( standard configuration )


*Our optional Turbo Power Supply MkII is highly recommended for a maximum performance level!

"I'm pretty sure that the platter of the Basis weighs nearly as much as the entire Paris combination, and yet the Paris was able to project into the room a weighty, solid, and more importantly musically involving, clear sound that will likely send shivers up the spine of any listener who gives this turntable/tonearm combo an audition."


                                                                                                                              - Tom Lyle,, February 2012.

Have your Paris Mk V any color you like! 

          Oracle's master paint artist is willing to match the color of your choice for your Paris Mk V turntable! On the image on the right you can see a unique Paris Mk V 1973 Triumph TR6 Special Edition made especially for a customer who wanted to underline his retirement matching the color of his old beloved Triumph TR6 he had purchased when graduating. Oracle can also customize your Paris PH200 phono stage, CD250 and DAC250! Talk to your dealer about custom builds!  

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