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Turbo Power Supply MkII_edited.jpg

About the Turbo Power Supply MkII

          The Turbo Power Supply MkII is designed to be used with the Delphi MkVI and the Paris MkV. It is also fully compatible with the Delphi MkV or any vintage Delphi turntables using an MkV or MkVI motor & drive electronic circuit upgrade!


           The original Turbo Power Supply was introduced with the Delphi MkV in 1996. The new Turbo Power Supply MkII is the result of an extensive development and performance comparisons between reference elements such as special batteries and monstrous power sources. All the above outperformed our regular power supply but the Turbo Power Supply MkII outperformed them all!


The Turbo Power Supply MkII transforms an outstanding musical performance into a wonderful and unforgettable musical experience!

Dimensions :  ( H x W x D )  3' x 8' x 9'1/4    Note that a 2'1/2 clearance will be needed for the power cord's connector.

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