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About the Oracle Thalia, Corinth and Corinth Reference cartridges.

           Since 1979, Oracle Audio Technologies has been producing state of the art stereo components. The Oracle Thalia and Corinth phono cartridges extend the product line with the finest phono cartridges available today. The Thalia is a high-output moving-coil cartridge while the Corinth is a low-output moving-coil cartridge tuned for higher-end phono stages. They are known for their warmth, precision and their musicality. The Corinth and Thalia have been designed and voiced for Oracle by Albert Lukaschek from Benz Micro in Switzerland. The Thalia and Corinth come nicely dressed in an ebony wood body while the Corinth Reference has a body carved in zebrawood. The Corinth Reference is quick and transparent and it is the very best low output phono cartridge available!


            Once everything is precisely calibrated the perfect match of all the different parts merge and blend together to deliver a realism that will make you forget you are sitting at home listening to your audio system ! Experience the Oracle Thalia or Corinth cartridges, you truly deserve this!

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