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Oracle Delphi MkVI Second Generation turntable

"With the improvements in the bearing, and especially with the addition of the silicone damping system, the Mk.VI edition not only retains the Oracle Delphi’s position as one of the most beautiful turntables in the world; it reestablishes it as a formidable contender in and well beyond its price class."

-Michael Fremer, Stereophile March 2010

Stereophile Class A recommendation for the Delphi MkVI
Stereophile Micheal Fremer Delphi MkVI Recommendation

Delphi Mk VII Signature

       The mere fact that something is beautiful doesn’t mean one should not try to make it even prettier!  This is the challenge we recognized and accepted when developing the Signature concept. The Delphi turntable has always been perceived as a work of art and for the Mk VI Signature we have introduced lighting effects that outline the turntable’s sculptural structure!  The different choices of available colors and their combinations will allow you to create a visual environment that is “Any color you like”, matching perfectly with the mood of the moment!


  The clear transparent base of the Delphi Mk VII Classic was always meant to reflect the floating character of the Delphi’s reading apparatus, a free-standing sculpture that floats in thin air! The black acrylic base of the Signature version  reflects  the aluminum structure onto its surface and has it to  stand out with very high contrast.

     The lighting effects of the sub-chassis and the acrylic base are independently selected with the supplied remote control.

       For more information about the Delphi turntable please visit the Delphi Mk VII Classic product page.

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