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About the Paris DAC250

Our main objective in designing the Paris digital line of products was to maintain the delicate balance between elegant design and optimal musical reproduction performance. Achieving the sonic excellence of the Paris DAC250 required a careful and clever mix of its key elements. The design exercise was always validated against our interpretation of what real music should sound like and through comparisons with our reference analog systems.


The internal structure of the Paris DAC250 combines an optimally calibrated power supply stage, a digital to analog conversion board using the Burr Brown PCM1792, 24Bits/192Khz, proprietary fully discrete analog modules and a distinct wiring for the analog and digital signals. The chassis of the Paris DAC250 is built from medium density wood fiber material to minimise resonances. The hand polish high gloss lacquer of this chassis is available in five different colors.


Oracle Audio has spent a great deal of efforts into making sure that the power supply circuit of the Paris DAC250 is a clean, stable and efficient power source. The digital to analog conversion circuit functioning with very low parasites in its power input can process the digital input signal more precisely and produces less errors and thus, less compensations of those errors. Similarly the fully discrete analog output modules of the Paris DAC250 can achieve their full potential working with a silent noiseless background. They can efficiently reproduce the harmonic structure behind every note with a very high dynamic contrast giving to the Paris DAC250 all its softness, finesse and musicality!


We offer two different models. The Paris DAC250 features two independent analog modules with RCA and XLR analog outputs. This standard model offers XLR analog output for convenience as its signal comes from the same two discrete analog modules than the RCA output. The Paris DAC250 B is a fully balanced version involving four fully discrete independent analog output modules for reference level true balanced operation. The choice to offer two models was made to accommodate our customer’s needs for their specific system's application, single-ended versus fully balanced.



Frequency response:                             20-20kHz @ +/- 0.3db


Analog output level:                              2V RMS, both XLR or RCA


THD (Total Harmonic Distortion):    0.001% max


Signal to noise ratio:                             110db


Dynamic Response:                               125db


Speed fluctuation:                                  0.001% Max


Digital Analog Converter:                    Burr Brown PCM1792, 24 bit, 192 kHz


Digital output:                                        Coaxial RCA 75ohm


Digital input:                                          Coaxial RCA 75ohm


Power supply:                                         100/250V, 50/60Hz


Dimension:                                             432 x 381 x 100mm


Weight:                                                    7.75kg


NOTICE:   The Paris DAC250 features a volume control offering the flexibility to act as a pre-amplifier for connecting directly to a power amplifier or an active speakers system.  The volume control is stepping up & down smoothly under a decibel scale and can be controlled via remote control or front panel keyboard.

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