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Origine turntable - analog vinyl record player - Oracle Audio

Origine MkII

           The new Origine turntable was created with one goal in mind; to answer the historical demand for an affordable, quality built and long-lasting record player from Oracle Audio! Just like for our other products the Origine turntable is 100% designed, crafted and assembled at our factory in Canada. Although the Origine is at the entry point of our line of products it maintains the high standards of excellence that is expected from Oracle Audio!

           With its outline shaped like the footprint of our flagship Delphi turntable, with its feet system derived from our CD players and with the platter inherited from the Paris turntable, the Origine carries the signature of Oracle’s design. It harbors a two-bushing spindle holder which is a direct descendant of the vintage Delphi’s main bearing, who are still functioning well today after 30+ years!  The Origine is equipped with an outboard synchronous AC motor that drive the platter using a belt around its perimeter. The two-step pulley of the Origine allows playback at 331/3 and 45 rpm.

           The turntable comes equipped with the new Origine tonearm and with or without a supplied Ortofon MC-1 Turbo; a high-output moving coil phono cartridge. This unipivot tonearm is cleverly designed with its pivot contact point set on the same plane as the record contact point with the stylus and with the tracking force counterweight for added stability while tracking the grooves. The compliance of a phono cartridge, or the “springiness” of the cantilever/motor suspension assembly,  plays an important role with unipivot tonearms.  We address this issue by using a movable arm tube weight that we nicknamed “the olive” which allows to vary the tonearm’s effective mass. This adjustability enables to make a better match of compliance and effective mass, thus allowing the use of a very wide range of phono cartridges with the Origine. The Origine tonearm has internal wiring from Cardas Audio!

We are sincerely hoping that you are as excited as we are about this new record player!

Origine - Black plinth - One insert - Available colors

Origine - White plinth - One insert - Available colors

Origine - Multiple Inserts


             The following article by Mr. Holger is a very positive one which highlights all of the strong points and qualities of the Origine turntable and we are very thankful for such a thorough review. We would like to bring a factual correction to some of his comments mentioned in the article. Mr. Holger states that the parts for the Origine are made of plastic and that they are 3D printed but it is actually not the case. The 3D printing technology has never been used or considered for the manufacturing of the Origine:  its parts are all manufactured by Oracle at our factory on CNC machines, some parts like the plinth are even hand polished! The two main materials used for the Origine are the Delrin and the acrylic. The finish applied to the Delrin parts, the ribbed texture Mr. Holger refers to, was chosen purposefully for both aesthetics & design considerations and required the development of customized cutting tools. 





Phono cartridge:

Dustcover :

AC synchronous outboard motor, belt driven, external power supply.

One-piece acrylic platter derived from the Paris MkV.

Unipivot with adjustable effective mass to accommodate various phono cartridge compliances.

Ortofon 2M Blue (optional). Pre-installed and calibrated at the factory!

A full dustcover for the Origine is available as an option.

Click here for the Origine Dustcover product page.

Adjustable delrin feet system.

Tonearm effective length: 

240 mm

Platter spindle center to tonearm mounting hole center :

225 mm

Power supply:  18V AC

Dimensions :

without dustcover:       (483 x 356 x 127) mm

(19 x 14 x 5) inchs

with dustcover:              (495 x 381 x 146) mm

(19½ x 15 x 5¾) inchs


7.7 kg or 17 pounds (including the motor)

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