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Launching the new Paris PH100 phono preamp!

A fine addition to the Paris series, the Paris PH100 phono pre-amplifier featuring MM and MC compatibility with its five adjustable resistive load settings and three adjustable gain levels. Do not let the affordable price deceive you, the PH100 has received the same care an attention as all the other Oracle Audio components do. The PH100 "plays music", delivering a wide stereo image with a punctuality in time assuring an even harmonic structure over the whole spectrum. The music can explode from a silent background thanks to its masterfully clean onboardd power supply. A jumper panel is accessible from underneath the PH100 enabling jumper adjustments without unscrewing anything! Try the PH100 between your turntable and your amplifier or pre-amplifier and you will never want to unplug it again!


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