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Hi-Fi News - Audio Milestones - Delphi turntable - The history of Oracle by Steve Harris.

Thanks to HiFi News and to Steve Harris who conducted a thorough research of the Oracle history through the years all the way to the day it was created back in 1979 by my brother Marcel Riendeau. Reading this article triggers in me a very special feeling reflecting over a 35 years journey. The whole team here at Oracle Audio is truly grateful for all the support and the recognition we have been getting from our customers from all over the world, our dealers and distributors, the media and from our peers in the audio industry for all those years.

We would like to take this opportunity to pay a tribute to our oldest employee who still, at his venerable age, finds the energy to spend a few hours a week in his shop to craft some of the parts that go in the manufacturing of the Oracle Delphi Mk VI. Mr. Raymond Boutin, now at the age of 83 manufactured in May 2013, most probably for the last time, the delrin sleeves that have been supporting the springs on the Oracle Delphi for the last 35 years. Thank you Raymond for your total and absolute devotion to making Oracle a better product!

Stephane Nadeau & Jacques Riendeau,

Read the article here!


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