May 7, 2018

We had the pleasure to meet with and greet Mr. Don Lindich from Sound Advice   ( ) to our factory. The link below will take you to his website where you can read about his visit and his impressions!

Thank you very much Mr. Lindich!

August 19, 2016

 Oracle Audio is very proud to partner with Krell & Reference 3A for T.A.V.E.S. 2016! The event will take place at the Sheraton Parkway Hotel from October 28th to 30th inclusively. You will find us in the Vaughan Hall East room and we hope to see you there in great numbers!

July 15, 2016

We are very pleased to learn that the Delphi turntable made the cover of LP magazine in Germany! Our thanks to Ibex Audio!!!

April 5, 2016

          The new Oracle Origine turntable! Oracle's craftsmanship experience accumulated over more than 37 years went into its design. The Origine is also equipped with a brand new Oracle tonearm and can be ordered with or without pre-installed cartridge (Ortophon 2M Blue). The result is an awesomely beautiful deck that plays music with intensity and musicality! Pre-launched @ Montreal's Audio Fest in early March, the response from the public was extraordinary and we're very excited to say that the Origine will be available in stores by July 2016 for around 2000$ (including tonearm and cartridge)! Oracle Audio, proudly made in Canada since 1979!


December 2, 2015

The Delphi MkVI Second Generation wins the Analog Grand Prix 2016 in Japan ! The Delphi MkVI Second Generation was introduced to this contest by our long time Japan distributor Yukimu Corporation that we wish to thank for their excellent work!


May 31, 2015

From the right:  Charlie Harrison (USA Tube Audio),  Suzan Wilson (Ayon Audio USA) & Jacques Riendeau.


May 30, 2015

T.H.E. Show in Newport California in may 2015 was a success! Attendance from the public was great and so was the time spent with our Arizona dealer Sweet Spot Home Theatres!

From the right, Bill Coomes (Sweet Spot Home Theatres & High End Audio) & Jacques Riendeau. 





May 25, 2015

Tokyo International Audio Show 2015. A big thanks to Yukimu Corporation for representing our products so well in Japan!


May 15, 2015

A fine addition to the Paris series, the Paris PH100 phono pre-amplifier featuring MM and MC compatibility with its five adjustable resistive load settings and three adjustable gain levels. Do not let the affordable price deceive you, the PH100 has received the same care an attention as all the other Oracle Audio components do. The PH100 "plays music", delivering a wide stereo image with a punctuality in time assuring an even harmonic structure over the whole spectrum. The music can explode from a silent background thanks to its masterfully clean onboardd power supply. A jumper panel is accessible from underneath the PH100 enabling jumper adjustments without unscrewing anything! Try the PH100 between your turntable and your amplifier or pre-amplifier and you will never want to unplug it again!


April 1, 2014

Stereophile magazine releases their annual Recommended Components for 2014 and we are very proud to see our turntables listed yet again! The Delphi MkVI gets recommended in the Class A analog products while the Paris MkV is recommended in the Class B analog products! We are very proud that our turntables be appraised this much, fuels us full of motivation to keep doing what we do!


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