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October 8, 2015

We are very proud that our CD2000 MkIII Transport be part of this beautiful reference system at Jeff Rowland Design Group! This CD Transport is a special edition featuring our stunning Micro Vibration Stabilizer System or MVSS! Thank you Mr. Rowland!                              





June 10, 2015


Behold the Paris MkV 1973 Triumph Special Edition!  An out of the ordinary request for a unique customized Paris MkV turntable that we could just not refuse. Here is why we were so proud and enthusiastic about this special request:


 “Why blue to match a TR6? When I graduated from Engineering at the UofM in '73 I bought a brand new TR6 even before I started working on the strength of an offer of employment letter and my Dad co-signing a bank loan. It was a graduation gift to me from myself, and Triumph called the colour French Blue. It was a fun car to drive, and the rumble from the exhaust when you take your foot off the gas pedal is the best exhaust sound ever, but, alas, I sold it in '76. I'm retiring June 30th next year and, because we're re-modeling our kitchen and family room this Fall and because an upgrade from my 11 year old Rega P3 is the last piece to complete the upgrade of my he-man system, I've decided to give myself a retirement gift one year early. And what better gift...

April 14, 2015

En avril 2014 Tom Lyle de chez a écrit un article sur la Delphi MkVI. C’est un article éloquent et bien écrit et nous vous suggérons fortement d’en faire la lecture. Un peu plus tard en 2014 nous ont surpris an accordant à la Delphji MkVI le prix “Best Of 2014 Award” ! Merci à toute l’équipe chez et ce de la part de toute l’équipe chez Oracle Audio! Cliquer sur l’image ouvrira l’article en question sur le site



April 15, 2014

In April 2014 a review of the Delphi MkVI written by Tom Lyle was published by It is an eloquent, well written article and we strongly suggest that you read through it. Here is the PDF copy of Tom's article. Later that year surprised us granting the "Best Of 2014 Award" to the Delphi MkVI! Thank to all the team @ from all the staff @ Oracle! Clicking on the image in this post will lead you to the article on's website.



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